3D4 JavaFX
3D Production for the Java Programming Language

Marketing Communications: Java-based Interactive 3D, also known as i3D, can now be utilized to enact a wide range of very impressive futuristic Marketing objectives, thatnks to the new JavaFX 2.0 API and PRISM technologies. Types of new media deliverables might include: Virtual Product Marketing Simulations (fully functioning i3D virtual products), 3D Brand Marketing (3D BrandGames and Viral Branding Campaigns), Corporate Communications new media such as EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), Virtual Public Relations, 3D Promotional Campaigns, Technical Marketing, 3D Internet Marketing, Virtual World Environments and Retail Marketing via Digital Signage or e-Signage.

e-Learning and End-User Training: One of the most impressive applications of JavaFX Interactive 3D technology used via Java 7 is leveraging real-time renderedi3D simulations which will allow end-users to essentially educate themselves regarding a variety of topics at their own rate of speed, and while at the same time having an enjoyable User Experience. This is called "Edutainment" and is now within the realm of possibility with open source Java and JavaFX and the OpenGL i3D technology found in every Internet 2.0 Consumer Electronics device.

Smartphone Applications: Four of the world's most widely used mobile operating systems, Google Android, Samsung Bada, Reseach In Motion (RIM) Blackberry, and Microsoft Windows Mobile (Nokia) are all capable of rendering real-time i3D content via Java or JavaFX. Interestingly, the very same Java and JavaFX based i3D content can also be published on personal computers, websites, in virtual worlds, on game consoles and via tablets and interactive TV sets, all via Java technology, and under all of the popular operating systems as well, including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Macintosh.

Viral BrandGames: There are several key attributes to creating a successful viral brandgame campaign. These include having a small data footprint and a manageable brand game file size, assuring real-time interactive responses to the user's interaction with the new media brandgame, having photorealistic, Hollywood-type graphics or 3D special effects, and support of a common and widespread file format which is familiar to the viewing public (Java). Interestingly, all i3D formats (.PDF, .JAR or Java/JavaFX, HTML5, WebGL, ePub3, .DOC, .PPT, .XLS) can accomplish all of these objectives in the hands of an experienced new media content producer whether or not they are a seasoned JavaFX 2.0 programmer, as our JAVA7 developers are.