3D4 JavaFX
3D Production for the Java Programming Language

Sony Electronics: One of our major i3D branding and e-Learning new media campaigns that we created using Java was for Sony Electronics in the 20th century and was built around their international leading brand, Trinitron. Early in Sony's corporate history their Trinitron Television brand made Sony a household name and the leading corporate brand, and we were brought in to create the Trinitron Advantage Interactive 3D Branding website, which demonstrated Sony's patents and electron gun technology at the molecular level, as well as demonstrating how this product works. See the JAVA section of this website for information regarding this i3D simulation coded in Oracle JavaFX format in under Two Megabytes of Total Data Footprint.

Samsung Electronics: After we finished the Trinitron viral branding projects we were brought in by Samsung to create the e-Learning and Product Demonstration for the worldwide introduction of Samsung's first widescreen handheld PC, called the Nexio. We virtualized the product in only 868 data points and also created the interactive product demo for the product using off the shelf software that was included on the shipping Nexio units (IE & PPT). We made a 16-bit WVGA display look like it was exhibiting 24-bit quality.

Tyco Electronics: Recently we were brough in by one of Tyco Electronics Divisions (EloTouch Systems) to create an touchscreen brandgame that demonstrated the HD EloTouch Touchscreens using i3D technology. We virtualized the brandgame in JavaFX using less than 384KB of data overhead (total JavaFX file size) while also making it compatible with Mobile Phone HVGA 480x320 screen resolutions. See the JAVA section for information regarding the work performed on this project.

Noocraft: For this project we created the i3D User Interface for the Noocraft Thought Engine as well as the site functions and programming logic using Java, JavaFX, InfoGrid, MySQL, PostGre SQL and Apache Tomcat. Development is currently on-going on this vanguard social media engine project.