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3D Production for the Java Programming Language

Welcome to 3D4JAVA.com. We specialize in creating Interactive 3D (or: i3D) content for use inside the Oracle Java (.JAR) file format. Our Java programming digital artists have been creating i3D for some of the world's largest branded manufacturers for over two decades, and our file sizes range from 384KB to just under 2MB.

The 3D4JAVA homepage serves as our "How To" page for the site; use the HOW menu button above as the site HOME button, to reset the website to this page, if needed. This website runs on every modern web browser without modification, including: Internet Explorer 5.5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, FireFox 3 through 6, Opera 9 through 11, Google Chrome, Flock, Netscape and Safari 3 through 5.

This site is optimized to run as if it's being viewed via DSL, even when it is being viewed via modem, wireless, satellite, or cellular network. This site is also optimized for Printing, as well as for Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks, Laptops and iTV sets.

If you peruse this website via a Mobile Phone, you will be served a 320 by 480 resolution version of the website that's optimized for Mobile Devices such as the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Microsoft SmartPhone, Opera MINI or Opera Mobile Browser; just turn your phone sideways! We can also create i3D content that works on OpenGL enabled Mobile Phones, which currently includes just about every shipping model. i3D is text data, so it will transfer over slower networks quite rapidly.

To learn about our i3D apps for Oracle Java 7 and JavaFX 2.0, start with the WHY section to learn what i3D can do, check our client references in the WHO section, to see the brands and manufacturers who have utilized our services, check the RFQ section to see what information we need to prepare a detailed quotation, use the FAQ section to review Frequently Asked Questions about i3D PDFs. There is also a LNK section containing LINKS to valuable resources concerning JAVA and JavaFX, and a JAVA section where you can see i3D JAVAFX that we have created in around a megabyte of total data footprint for UI, Code, 2D and 3D Content, and UX!

Be sure and right-click and view our Source Code, as we are doing all of this in less than two dozen lines of code! Can you say: "Highly Optimized?!"