3D4 JavaFX
3D Production for the Java Programming Language

3D for Java Application User Interfaces: The MIS and IT industries are beginning to jump onto the rich media User Interface bandwagon using JavaFX 2.0, which is now "Pure Java," as JavaFX 2.0 is now prvided as a Java API for use in creating leading-edge new media user experiences. The significance of this is that MIS and IT shops that have their custom software witten in Java can use JavaFX 2.0 to make their end-user's experience with their software an order of magnitude more immersive and captivating.

3D Smartphone Applications: Most of the popular Smartphone operating systems use Java or JavaFX for i3D application development. These include the market share leader Google Android, as well as RIM Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Mobile (Nokia) and Samsung Bada. What is really great about coding your app in Java is that your mobile application can also be made ot run on other major hardware platfoms such as PCs, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, iTV Sets, PDAs and Tablets.

i3D E-Learning: JavaFX 2.0 based Interactive 3D represents a cross-platform, Internet 2.0 compliant way to deliver training on eveything from PCs to SmartPhones to Tablets to Interactive Television Sets. Java 7 and JavaFX 2.0 content represents a unique eLearning opportunity to visualize challenging concepts that can't be conveyed via images, diagrams, or text descriptions. Java-based i3D is a great fit for a plethora of training simulations, some examples being: end-user training, technical support demonstrations, product operation simulation, and even Edutainment.

JavaFX 3D Product Virtualization: Products can be photo-realistically "virtualized" using Java 7, JavaFX and i3D technology and then delivered on the majority of consumer electronics devices, platforms, operating systems and browses (players) out there! Imagine a fully functioning version of your product that can replace the image of the product that is in the current version of the digital marketing mateials. Products such as Cameras, Remote Controls, Cellphones, Appliances, Power Tools and similar can be fully demonstrated to potential buyers such that the entire product feature set can be mastered by the end-user prior to purchase! This will also help to reduce the "I'm using 10% of the product's feature set" paradigm that is currently the norm for the more complicated consumer electronics products.

i3D Viral Rich Media via Java and JavaFX: One of the really cool features of Java and JavaFX is that you can drag an application out of your browser and it will install itself on your computer as an aplication. Java apps can also be used on Smatphones and sent virally between users as e-mail attachments.